Question: Why a political party?

(This is a post I recently wrote on the Nebraska Democrats CD3 Facebook page)

At our last CDO3 meeting, just before lunch, hoping that it would create at least a modicum of debate, perhaps some thought, perhaps some introspection: I asked, "What is the purpose of a political party?"

My query was greeted as though I had asked everyone to swallow a turd. Did anyone take me up on it? Nobody approached me with their thoughts on the topic. Not one person indicated that they had given it the slightest consideration.

Because of this kind of response, I am given to thinking that perhaps none of those present really cares about questioning what the true purpose of our party is. I am often told that it is to "elect Democrats." Well ... we have been failing quite miserably at that, haven't we?

There is currently not a single federal or statewide elected official from our party. Can anyone honestly tell me that what we have been doing is being done right? If so, where is the evidence? I sure as hell don't see it.

Later, at the same meeting, I queried a representative of the state party why my thoughts are still censored from the NDP Facebook page. I was given the usual, "We'll look into it." Well, I'm still blocked from participating there.

While I was discussing this, one person from Hastings rudely interrupted me, as she does to practically anyone who dares to disagree with her. Another woman, from Grand Island, invited me to "Take it outside."

Honestly, I ask each of you, is THIS the kind of party we have become, one in which you either toe the ideological line set by a few, or get the hell out? Do we hold the moral authority to use the word "Democratic" in our name when debate is stifled and those with diverse views are ostracized and marginalized from our party? Are we nothing but sheeple - gutless followers of those who dictate the direction our party takes without ever having achieved any kind of consensus from us?

I'm going to ask you all again, "What is the purpose of a political party?" If I receive no replies, then I'll have to assume that you all haven't a clue.