CA Dems put legalization of medical marijuana in their platform

Today I read that the Democrats in California have made the legalization of medical marijuana a part of their platform. This reminds me of the resolution that I put forth at the 2010 Nebraska Democratic Party State Convention (the NDP's "Supreme Governing Body" according to its Constitution) that stated quite simply, "The Nebraska Democratic Party supports and promotes the legalization of medicinal marijuana." That, by the way, passed almost unanimously.
Of course the people who run the NDP, not its elected majority, but the few oligarchs that REALLY run the show, put the kibosh on that. We can't, after all, have a political party doing what its collective membership has democratically decided to do. The will of the ruling class is so clearly superior to that of the rubes that elected their representatives at their county conventions. The oligarchy's right to veto or ignore the will of the electorate is manifestly evident. Proof of that is the extraordinary number of federal and statewide offices filled by successful candidates from the NDP, due exclusively to their wise guidance.